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Does a criminal background check include checking into a person's credit rating and personal finances?
  • The criminal background checks that we perform are for criminal background information only.
Why conduct criminal background checks? 
  • Many employers have discovered the hard way that relying on instinct alone is not enough. They have become very aware of the consequences of bad hiring decisions. Conducting criminal background checks promotes a safe and secure environment at our workplace and in our community. 
  • All employers, whether in the public or private sector have a reasonable duty of care in the hiring process. Having a criminal background check program in place demonstrates due diligence and provides an employer with a great deal of legal protection.
Why should a municipality or private business outsource this service?
  • Conducting criminal background checks are a time consuming, and detailed task that requires highly specialized knowledge and resources, and subject to numerous legal regulations. 
  • Many municipalities and businesses have found that it is an inefficient use of their time and resources to attempt to perform a service that a specialist can do efficiently and cost-effectively. 
  • Outsourcing our service is more efficient and allows fully staffed municipalities or police deparments  to focus on tasks that can only be performed inside the business or local government.
Do I need a release from the job applicant or volunteer? 
  • You should obtain a signed release from any applicant or volunteer subject to a background check.
What basic information should an employer know before making an offer to hire an employee or allow a volunteer?
  • All employers, whether in the private or public sector should have a policy in place to conduct criminal background checks.
  • Consistency and confidentiality are most important in this process.
  • If the employer is conducting criminal background checks, he or she must conduct on all volunteer or job applicants, not some.
  • Whether a reference check, or criminal background check, it is mandatory the utmost confidentiality be maintained.
  • The employer should have forms that the applicant signs, putting him on notice the employer is following up with such checks so there is no mystery.
What level of care must an employer in the public or private sector take in determining whether a candidate might be harmful to others?
Much depends on the facts of the individual case.  The key here is to have a policy in place outlining how your organization reviews applications and evaluates potential volunteers and job applicants. Should someone slips through and there is a claim, you have an available defense of liability.
Make Your Municipality Safe.
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